Fashion Journal {Journal Of The Week}

Hey fellow readers! Welcome again to the third journal of the week! This journal is basically where I share my week, and my life…

Date: January 2, 2017

My Quote Of The Day: Be determined with some things but go along with others.

Inspirational Quote Of The Week: Being happy is the real way of staying young.

What I Did That Was Fun Today: Shop for new clothes before I go back to school.

Best Blog Of The Week: Very inspirational and peaceful!

Music Of The Week: Last Christmas by Taylor Swift.

Color Of The Week: Arctic Wolf white with brown streaks, seen a lot in people’s jackets!

Book Of The Week: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.

Area Mood: Peaceful with cling clack of my siblings’ toys.                          My Mood: Excited for the new year.


  1. I’m back! Yes, I had a great vacation!
  2. OMG time flies and we’re in 2017!!!
  3. I need to shop for next year’s winter!


Shirt Of The Week:


Thanks for reading please share your thoughts!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


Fashion Journal {Journal Of The Week}

Hey fellow readers! Welcome again to the second journal of the week! This journal is basically where I share my week, and my life…

Date: December 19, 2016

My Quote Of The Day: The best pride a person could ask for is effort, the biggest mistake you might do is giving up.

Inspirational Quote Of The Week: Don’t start worrying about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

What I Did That Was Fun Today: Relax, shopping and watch the snow fall likes leaves to the ground.

Best Blog Of The Week: The outfits that she creates make you want to like every post.

Music Of The Week: Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara.

Color Of The Week: Crystal pale blue. Of course, that’s the pale sky color this week!

Book Of The Week: The Selection Series.

Area Mood: Calm with the noise of the TV.                          My Mood: Annoyed because it’s not all quiet.


  1. Okay time to relax and forget about school.
  2. Brr…. I need some hot chocolate.
  3. I wish it was summer break when I can enjoy outside rather than being stuck inside.

Shirt Of The Week:


Thanks for reading please share your thoughts!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



Fashion Journal {Journal Of The Week}

Hey fellow readers! Time for the first Journal of the Week! This journal is basically where I share my week, and my life…

Date: December 12, 2016

My Quote Of The Day: If you want fun, then don’t ask for fun, go have fun!

Inspirational Quote Of The Week: Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but they’re always there.

What I Did That Was Fun Today: Enjoy the beautiful view of the snow, blog and shop.

Best Blog Of The Week: Soothing peaceful and adorable!

Music Of The Week: Starving by Hailee Stenfield.

Color Of The Week: Crystal white. Duh, it’s snowing!

Book Of The Week: Red Queen.

Area Mood: Calm, Quiet                                                 My Mood: Mad Blog!!

1. It’s snowing!
2. Christmas is almost here and I have no clue what to give everyone!
3. Do I really have to do work on the weekends?

Shirt Of The Week:


Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^

Christmas Guide of The Year 2016

Hey fellow readers! Well I was reading my friends’ blog and she inspired me to do this post! So I gave lots of people a survey. It was about what you would like to receive for Christmas! So the first part of the post is going to be answers from my survey and the second part will be what would be good to get your friends and family. Enjoy!

1. An IPhone 7. For one reason or another, lots of people want an IPhone 7. They all say that it would be their dream item. How ’bout you?

2. A gift card to someplace or for something. Ex. Starbucks, stores…. Lots of people also said that a small gift card would please them. Is that what you think?

3. Body care items. Ex. Body lotion, hand lotion, cream…. Many people especially girls, want body care items. Why? I don’t really know. I guess they want to take care of their skin without going out?

4. Accessories. Ex. Makeup, earring, bracelets… I get why lots of people want accessories. Even myself, a nice necklace or something would be nice. They can go well with clothes and…

5. Candles and perfume. Lots of people like closing their lights on Christmas, so a nice little candle or some house perfume is lovely.

6. A mug and some nice smelling tea. I totally want one! A nice holiday mug with a nice smelling tea is like so refreshing for the evening. Especially if its holiday tea!!!

7. Tools for their passions. Ex. Camera lenses, ballet hair tie… Surprisingly, a number of people want tools for their passions! I guess it would be nice?

8. DIY crafts sets. That’s actually pretty nice! It’s not to expensive and it’s pretty cool and useful too!

9. Chocolate. Lots of people like chocolate and a couple people told me that having a nice set of delectable chocolate in front of them would be like watching a dream flow in their hands.

10. Best friends and whole family together happy and cheerful on Christmas Day. Someone told me that if she could have her best friends and her whole family together celebrating on Christmas Day, it would be her dream come true. I was so moved that I decided to include it in this list. That’s a real gift to give someone!

Next is ideas to give someone as a gift for Christmas!

  1. Assorted Handmade Snacks.
  2. DIY Christmas Craft.
  3. Friendship Necklaces and Bracelet.
  4. A nice set of Journal and Pen.
  5. A useful Gift Card.
  6. A cute phone case.
  7. An adorable holiday mug filled with hearts and hugs(chocolate).
  8. Cute purse with a real nice Christmas Card.
  9. Perfume and hand lotion.
  10. A nice ticket to go somewhere together.

These are nice little cheap gifts that gives other the feeling that you care about them. Any more ideas? Please let me know!! Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts about it!

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



2016 Winter Blog Award!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to the last 2016 Blog Award! Time flies! I can’t believe that it’s going to 2017 soon!!! Like always, I’ve seen some more amazing blogs!! Again, I have some new winners and former ones!! Some were even nominated from my first award! Because this is my last award for 2016, I’m going to award 10 winners! Also, thank you all to the ones that visited my blog and are in these awards and the ones to see this post! The next Award will be during the Spring of 2017!!

Here are my 2016 Winter Winners!

Juliany! Blog: A stylish and elegant Fashion Blog just like mine! Super cool! Check it out!

Rashmi! Blog: A writing lover, with a wonderful goal, she has stepped out of her comfort zone and has a blog that makes me feel confident and good! Check it out!

Elizabeth! Blog: A interesting and neat book blog! She has book reviews and more! Check it out!

Fai! Blog: A fair life blog. Soothing and peaceful. Check it out!

Cailey! Blog: She loves beauty, baking and writing and more so she created her awesome blog caileycreative♡! Amazing!! Check it out!

Rozita! Blog: Excellent inspiration and awesome outfit sets on her blog! Loves fashion, music, art & travel! Check it out!

Ciara! Blog: A super good life adventure blog! Check it out!

Julia! Blog: Nice and cool! Not much but really interesting!! Check it out!

BeMyStylist! Blog: Awesome! With tips, guides and many more inspirational things! Check it out!

Pavithrah! Blog: Wonderful topics in her writing and shares truly beautiful passion with you! Check it out!

Well that’s it for my 2016 Winter Blog Award! Spectacular blogs!!! Huge round of applause for them and their wonderful results in hard work! Again thank you all for reading my blog faithfully and sharing your thoughts on it to make it better! If you have a blog please comment below and you might find your blog listed on the next award! Special thanks to my awesome friend Alyssa who works super hard to edit the background of my photos! Also thank you to my followers, I can’t believe I have achieved my goal of getting more then 150 followers!! That day that I received the notification about getting 150 followers, I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my face! Thank you all!! Thanks for reading!

Ciao readers! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^

Fashion Quote Of The Week #4

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my fourth fashion quote of the week! These quotes inspire me, and teach me about style, chic and unique fashion. I would love for you all to learn the ones I learn from and think about fashion and style differently. Enjoy!

Quote of the day: Style is the sum of so many things -beginning with a sense of who you are and having self-confidence.
-Kate Spade




Style is so much more then just a word, and it begins with knowing who you are and having self-confidence…

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^

Outfit of the Week #4

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to this weeks’ Outfit of the Week! Again I’m so busy with other stuff I forgot to do past weeks’ outfits! So stressful! Sorry! Anyways….

Theme: Unique and Classic


133af1ee5e32f326255609c63d82c2a5.jpgJoie Jobeth Orange Ombre Cashmere shirt


rag-bone-plush-legging-lwratra30004blk-1-395Rag & Bone plush legging with slim ankles


9190e5b3b611b73fe001258192984127 Twilight black ballerina flats with golden bow


f2dd3d3c35d3773430959d26f4316de6  Fresh Air Blue Kate Spade Charlotte Street Alek Leather Small Cross Body


Cute-font-b-Heart-b-font-font-b-Shaped-b-font-font-b-Sunglasses-b-font.jpg  Sunset colored heart mirrored sunglasses


Classy right? The color is adorable together but they’re very different styles! Try it with similar clothes! Have fun!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^