Outfit Of The Week #7

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to this weeks’ Outfit of the Week! Again I’m so busy with other stuff I forgot to do past months’ outfits! In fact I really apologize that I haven’t been posting for so long! So stressful! Sorry! Hoping to be more on track now though! Anyways….

Theme: Casual and Classy

WT3367-LIGHTOLIVE-1_1024x1024.jpgPale green silk fabric double strapped top

download.jpgRipped skinny black jeans

22322b9f814f4ba84c613039558156f2.jpg Baby blue soft furred flats

2699e5ba-b877-4123-b702-1bc36cb7f117_1.0c3b2268429b01c8fa5ae68befc68deb.jpg Beige and black Kate Spade shoulder purse

I sincerely apologized that my blog has been unused for many months but I hope that you will continue to support my love for fashion and style and my dreams! Please follow me on my Instagram @fashionliah!