Hey fellow readers! My name is Liah Alison and this is my very own Fashion Blog! I am yes still a teenager, currently still going to school. I love fashion and style and that you do too! If not that’s okay! In my blog you will find some designs online that I like and share some of my personal opinion, some of my own drawings, a fiction series that I will be writing called The Liah Alison Collection, fashion journals…. many more things about fashion and style, and totally cool things! I love writing so sometimes I will write stories…

My goal is to really understand the signification of fashion and live my life with style, then teach it with you. I want to spread my love of style and fashion into you. I want you to know that fashion is a name and a rule of clothes but style is completely different, it’s you. Everyone’s style is different and unique. Well you might notice my style as you read my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

I would love if you share your opinion about my topics in my posts and that you tell others about this blog! Hope you enjoy my blog! And hope I can spread my love of fashion (clothes) and style into you or… have a cool topic (fashion totally! Or writing!) to talk about!

Ciao readers! I’m very excited to have you share your opinion!

~Fashionliah ^ _ ^

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Liah! I just love your blog! I don’t have my own but I found this one on accident and I love it!
    Everything is so cool! Keep it up! I’m one of your daily readers!
    Ashely πŸ™‚


  2. HI FASHIONLIAH!!! I’m like your totally big fan! My friend June told me about it and I’ve reading nonstop! Please do more outfits!!! I love them!!!
    ~Your hugeeee and love your blog fan, Emma


  3. Hi Liah! Your blog is cute and wonderful! I really like the stories and everything! I hope that you can make a new domain on writing! Keep it up!
    – coco xoxo


  4. Hi Liah! Me and all these people that comment love your blog! We are big fans of it! I hope you keep up with the good work!
    -Mary πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Liah! Love your blog! Thanks for following mine even if it is like one day old with nothing on it! Like your posts! Keep it up!


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