A Life Of Happiness {Chapter 3}

Hey fellow readers! So, my younger cousin, who is 11 years old, wrote this book or writing piece that was a assignment at her school. This story was inspired by her personality and what she likes, so let me tell you a little about her.

  1. She loves loves dancing and singing.
  2. She also likes fashion as a hobby.
  3. She a really smart and cute little girl.
  4. She loves to create a new story based on her favorite movies, stories etc.
  5. She likes Kpop as in Korean Pop. And she is in love with a gang a boys that are Kpop Artists, (they sing and dance.) (BTS, you might have heard of them.)

And with that last little tip, let me tell you a little about this gang of boys. So there is 7 friends that like to sing and dance. They create music videos where they sing and dance. So based on this Kpop people that she likes, she wrote her version on this girl(which she imagined as herself) who meets this group of friends (BTS) that sings and she joins them… So she won this little contest at her school within grade 5 and 6 kids and she now wants the public to give feedback for her on her writing, so if you can leave any sort of advice or feedback, she would be very grateful. Hope you like this story, enjoy! {Also, it’s chapter by chapter, just so you know!} Enjoy the next little part of the story!



My feet were tingling and my hands were jiggling. I can’t believe that I was about to see Jungkook again! Also, I was about to meet the BTS in real person! My mom told me about the call from them and filled me in. I hoped I would be accepted into the BTS, backstage or whatever part they wanted me to do. A note flew in front of me. I looked up. One of my best friend Ashley grinned. I beamed back. Ashley mouthed, “Your mom dropped this is off for you.” I nodded in thanks. I read the note and walked to my teacher, Mrs. Amethyst. I explained what my mom had said about the BTS picking me up and Mrs. Amethyst took the note gratefully. I sauntered back to my seat and waited patiently for class to start.

A knock came to our door. “Come in!” replied Mrs. Amethyst. The door opened and we turned our heads to see the visitor. I felt my heart beat rapidly. First came in Jungkook then followed the rest of the BTS. The girls in my class instantly started to fix their hair and squealed only silenced by Mrs. Amethyst’s glare. Typical,I thought. Rap Monster nodded respectfully at my teacher and explained that they were here to pick me up.  My teacher locked eyes with me and I nodded in return. “Okay, Ann, pack your things and I will see you on Monday,” she said. I bowed in thanks. I grabbed my things and walked out the door. Jealous eyes watched me while Ashley and Crystal watched me with a question in their eyes. I mouthed, “Text you later!” And they beamed. J-Hope opened the door for me and we walked out in silence. As soon as we got out, I clicked a button and a minute later my maid/stylist appeared. She curtsied and motioned for the BTS to wait. She followed me to a corner and brought out the portable change room. I quickly switched my crop top, tight jeggings and 2 inch heel boots to a comfy T-shirt, smooth capris and snug runners. I hung a black hoodie around my waist and stepped out the door. I walked over to the BTS and they glanced at me surprise. I gave one of my model smiles and introduced myself. Rap Monster explained how i was going to be tested by the manager and the performance instructor then we will determine if I get to join. I rapidly checked the boys. Jin looked like he was interested about learning more about me, V had a goofy grin on him, Rap Monster looked confident, Jimin was trying his best to impress me by looking hot which was totally failing, Suga looked bored, J-hope looked like he wanted to get out of the stares of fan girls and go enjoy the fresh air and last of all, Jungkook. I breathed in as he smiled at me. I can’t wait to talk to him privately again. I turned and followed Rap Monster out the door but unfortunately I accidentally bumped into Jimin. I nodded apologetically while he looked embarrassed.

I did a mini performance for the manager and the performance instructor. I waited in silence as the BTS and them reviewed my performance. When they came back they were all smiling. I got approved! I felt my head spin in different directions. My dream was finally here! I excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I came out I saw him. I felt tears come rushing down my eyes as I hugged Jungkook. His breath blew gently across my face and he pressed his cheek against mine. He pulled back. “Oh Ann how I missed you,” he whispered. He pulled me into a room and we hugged in silence. “Ann, I can’t believe that you got approved!” I grinned. “I know!” He beamed. “That’s means we’ll always be together!” “Whats am I supposed to do?” I asked confused. He smiled. “You aren’t going to be in our dances or songs, but you will be an assistant dance choreographer, the face of the BTS because you will translate our words into many other languages for interviews, and when people say BTS, you are included as well!” I gasped. That was so amazing!!!!! We were so lost into this new information we didn’t know that someone was watching us the whole time. “Ahem, ” a voice sounded from the door. We turned around. “V!” I looked at Jungkook with worry. “He doesn’t understand English does he?” He looked upset. “No, but he has a vocal translate in his hand.” I looked at V. He frowned. Just great, I thought.

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! That’s the end for chapter one! I hope you enjoyed it! Again please leave feedback for my cousin and tell us what you thought of it! Hope you’re excited for the next chapter! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 4!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^ & Sara xoxo


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