A Life Of Happiness {Chapter 2}

Hey fellow readers! So, my younger cousin, who is 11 years old, wrote this book or writing piece that was a assignment at her school. This story was inspired by her personality and what she likes, so let me tell you a little about her.

  1. She loves loves dancing and singing.
  2. She also likes fashion as a hobby.
  3. She a really smart and cute little girl.
  4. She loves to create a new story based on her favorite movies, stories etc.
  5. She likes Kpop as in Korean Pop. And she is in love with a gang a boys that are Kpop Artists, (they sing and dance.) (BTS, you might have heard of them.)

And with that last little tip, let me tell you a little about this gang of boys. So there is 7 friends that like to sing and dance. They create music videos where they sing and dance. So based on this Kpop people that she likes, she wrote her version on this girl(which she imagined as herself) who meets this group of friends (BTS) that sings and she joins them… So she won this little contest at her school within grade 5 and 6 kids and she now wants the public to give feedback for her on her writing, so if you can leave any sort of advice or feedback, she would be very grateful. Hope you like this story, enjoy! {Also, it’s chapter by chapter, just so you know!} Enjoy the next little part of the story!



Each day, Jungkook and I would meet at the park and enjoy our moments together. It was like a dream come true for both of us. Our parents approved, we loved each other and it would be a couple more months till Jungkook leaves the U.S. We always shared our secrets and smiles. My dream came true and I want to cherish every moment.

The next day… Jungkook had a sorrow look on his face. I raised my eyebrow. He pulled me close and hugged me tight. I looked up at him. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He sighed. “My manager wants me to go back early to film a extra clip episode and to do a performance.” I glanced at him wide-eyed. “But… That means you have to leave early…. When?” “Tomorrow morning…” I felt tears creep up to my eyes and roll down my face.  He looked at me. “I will never forget you and I promise we will be together soon again.” I nodded. “I’ll call you everyday if possible.” He smiled with sadness at me. We stayed on that same bench for the rest of the day not wanting to let go. At sunset, I watched as Jungkook walked towards the hotel and I hoped that one day, we would be together again…


7 months later……

“Man, this is so refreshing!” laughed Jin in Korean while touching the ice cold water of the beach. I nodded. We were on our first tour in Canada and all of us loved it! Rap Monster came to me and murmured to me in English, “Wait till he touches snow for an hour!” I laughed. Jin looked at us. He didn’t know what we were saying and watched in confusion. Watching Jin’s confused face, Rap Monster and I roared with laughter. All 7 of us, me, Jin, V, Rap Monster, Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope continued walking down the beach. Jimin accidentally stepped on a flyer and groaned. “Doesn’t anyone know not to litter!?” he grumbled in Korean. Rap Monster picked up the flyer. “Come and join Ann Chang, your local singer and dancer at tonight’s performance! Theme: Multi Language. Time: 7:30 Date: Rock Star Theater. Come out and join the fun! Languages including, English, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish and more!” Rap Monster read from the flyer. I translated for the rest of my friends. Suga suggested us to go since there was Korean music sung there. We agreed and set off for dinner.

7:30…. Rock Star Theater….

We waited till the performance started. I watched in amazement as the singer/dancer, Ann, came out. No it couldn’t be! Ann! As in my beloved Ann! I felt joy rise in my heart. The thought that we would be together again felt so alive. I watched in silent amazement as she sung and danced wonderfully in different languages. Finally, us Bangtan Boys got to here her sing in Korean. “So, I am going to sing a song in Korean by the BTS. This song is called Boy In Luv. Hope you like it!” We gasped. She was going to sing our song! The BTS and I noted how well she changed the dance and how her skills were very different yet awesome at the same time. Ann sung Save Me, I Need You and all Ann’s fans and ours too screamed with joy as she sung and danced. I recorded the dances she did and we left for the hotel. Back in the hotel, we all crowded around my phone and watched the recorded dance. “Wow she’s good,” murmured V. “Yes,” I  replied in Korean. We were so busy watching that we didn’t realize that our manager had walk in with our performance instructor. “What are you all doing! Dinner is waiting for you!” thundered our manager. I stood up. “Sorry we were watching a girl sing and dance. She even sang our songs!” Our performance instructor looked the recording. He whispered something in our managers’ ears and our manager raised an eyebrow and also looked at my recordings. He looked up at us and said, “Who is this girl, we need her in the BTS!” We gasped. “But she’s a girl! we gaped. He looked at us. “I never said what she was going to do!” He frowned. We nodded, we didn’t want to mess with him in this mood!

We went to action. I called my good friend that lives here, Robert. “Hey man, what’s up?” I said. “Kookie! Missed ya! Where are you?” “Here in Canada! Awesome place man!” I could basically here Robert smile as I said that. “Great! What do you need?” he asked. “Do you know a girl local singer and dancer, Ann Chang? A Asian I guess?” I wondered. “Ann? A pretty girl with long brown and red hair?” Robert asked. “Yes!” I cried. “Do you have her number?” I asked excitedly. “Nope, sorry man. But I do have her number that she puts on her posters…” I clutched my phone tightly and motioned for J-Hope to get a paper and pen. Robert gave me Ann’s… home phone I guess? and I hung up. We cheered. Mission accomplished… Halfway….

“Hello? Vanessa Chang speaking,” a gentle voice spoke. “Uh, hello. I’m looking for Ann Chang.” I answered. “Okay, are you a fan?” Vanessa replied. I looked at the BTS, they were busy cleaning up the room. “Vanessa! I’s me Jungkook! Our manager wants Ann to join the BTS! Rap Monster will tell you more. They don’t know we already met, please don’t tell them that we did and what happened with me and Ann!”  I spoke urgently. Vanessa smiled. “Okay, tell Rap Monster to take the phone.” I sighed with relief and handed the phone to Rap Monster. Rap Monster spoke with Vanessa for a while and hung up! He nodded. Finally mission accomplished! I secretly couldn’t wait to see Ann again…

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! That’s the end for chapter one! I hope you enjoyed it! Again please leave feedback for my cousin and tell us what you thought of it! Hope you’re excited for the next chapter! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 3!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^  & Sara xoxo




One thought on “A Life Of Happiness {Chapter 2}

  1. I love how this story is going so far! I actually also like some songs of the BTS so I found another friend! Anyways, some mistakes in grammar but otherwise it’s great! Keep going Sara!
    Anna xoxo


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