A Life Of Happiness {Chapter 1}

Hey fellow readers! So, my younger cousin, who is 11 years old, wrote this book or writing piece that was a assignment at her school. This story was inspired by her personality and what she likes, so let me tell you a little about her.

  1. She loves loves dancing and singing.
  2. She also likes fashion as a hobby.
  3. She a really smart and cute little girl.
  4. She loves to create a new story based on her favorite movies, stories etc.
  5. She likes Kpop as in Korean Pop. And she is in love with a gang a boys that are Kpop Artists, (they sing and dance.) (Bts, you might have heard of them.)

And with that last little tip, let me tell you a little about this gang of boys. So there is 7 friends that like to sing and dance. They create music videos where they sing and dance. So based on this Kpop people that she likes, she wrote her version on this girl(which she imagined as herself) who meets this group of friends (BTS) that sings and she joins them… So she won this little contest at her school within grade 5 and 6 kids and she now wants the public to give feedback for her on her writing, so if you can leave any sort of advice or feedback, she would be very grateful. Hope you like this story, enjoy! {Also, it’s chapter by chapter, just so you know!}


I stepped out of the stall. I looked at myself as I began washing my hands. I blew dry them and opened the door. As I took my first step out of the bathroom, I felt my body smack down to the floor. My first thought was that I wan’t wearing a dress but I brushed it away and got back to the present. I had bumped into a boy and fell down. Great just great, I thought. The boy turned around and I studied him rapidly. He had cute eyes and with his hair he looked so adorable. I blinked a couple times. I gasped. He came back to his senses and gasped too. “Oh my so sorry! Here let me help you.” I felt my heart beating rapidly. I knew him and he’s helping me up. I couldn’t speak properly. “You’re you’re Jungkook of the BTS! OMG.” He chuckled. “I’m also known in the US huh?” I nodded. “Er.. Yes. I’m a huge fan of yours!” We stood there. Right outside the bathroom doors and stared at each other. Suddenly my mom walked to the bathroom door. “Oh Ann there you are,” she said. She looked at Jungkook then smiled. “Well I see you guys have met!” I gaped at her. How would she know who Jungkook even is? My mom must have read my mind because she answered my question directly. She nodded at Jungkook, “His mom was my university good friend.” I gaped at her. She beamed. “I’ll leave you alone now!” Jungkook must have hid his surprise and he fiddled with his hands. “So do you want to meet again tomorrow at the park?” I looked over at him grinning. “It would be my pleasure!” I exclaimed.

“Mom, I’m going to the park!” I shouted. “Be back by dinner!” My mom yelled back. I head out for the park. “Hey!” Jungkook took me by surprise. I giggled. “You sneak!” He laughed. “By the way, I was just wondering how you speak perfect English.” I continued. “I came to the US for dance training and caught up quickly,” he replied. I nodded. Jungkook was funny, interesting and adorable. I was sure excited to learn more about him! We laughed, talked, danced and sang. We had the best time ever together. Days passed, then weeks and our friendship turned to affection which slowly became love…

Again we were sitting by the bench in the park. Jungkook looked lost into space and I decided not to disturb him. Finally he turned and looked at me in the eye. “Ann… I have a gift for you,” as he pulled out a fresh and pure red rose from his pocket. I gasped. “Jungkook…” I cried as I hugged him. He smiled at me. “I hope this will mean that you will accept my love towards you and that we can continue together with something more.” I felt tears form in my eyes and nodded… Everything was so peaceful and quiet and slowly we turned and kissed.

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! That’s the end for chapter one! I hope you enjoyed it! Again please leave feedback for my cousin and tell us what you thought of it! Hope you’re excited for the next chapter! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 2!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^  & Sara xoxo


One thought on “A Life Of Happiness {Chapter 1}

  1. I think this story has a wonderful intro! Please tell Sara that I love this idea and that I can’t wait for the next! Also that I’m a huge fan of BTS!


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