My Day Bag

Hey fellow readers! Have you ever wondered what exactly to put in your bag and keep at all times except for your essentials like your phone, wallet… Well I put together a list of things to put in your bag on a day to work from the morning to end! Enjoy!

  1. Wallet, Phone, Keys. ( Very essential!)
  2. Headphones. ( Useful for bus journeys…)
  3. Portable charger. ( Don’t want to have a dead phone with you!)
  4. Mini hair brush and mirror. ( Need to check your hair before you enter!)
  5. Kindle. ( Books are too heavy!)
  6. Notebook and pen. (For jotting down mental notes and sudden ideas.)
  7. Breath mints. ( Chewing gum is not formal! At home, then fine but outdoor… No!)
  8. Hand Sanitizer. ( Very essential in public!)
  9. Lip gloss, mascara, concealer and eyeliner. ( A simple small makeup touch up kit to bring along!)
  10. Blister plasters. ( Need them for long distances and if your wearing new shoes!)


These are some things I like to keep in my bag. Everything neat and tidy and small and light too! What would you have in your bag? Share your opinions! Thanks for reading! Please share your opinions on it!

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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