2016 Winter Blog Award!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to the last 2016 Blog Award! Time flies! I can’t believe that it’s going to 2017 soon!!! Like always, I’ve seen some more amazing blogs!! Again, I have some new winners and former ones!! Some were even nominated from my first award! Because this is my last award for 2016, I’m going to award 10 winners! Also, thank you all to the ones that visited my blog and are in these awards and the ones to see this post! The next Award will be during the Spring of 2017!!

Here are my 2016 Winter Winners!

Juliany! Blog: http://www.cheapfashionfever.wordpress.com. A stylish and elegant Fashion Blog just like mine! Super cool! Check it out!

Rashmi! Blog: http://www.livewithstyle19.wordpress.com. A writing lover, with a wonderful goal, she has stepped out of her comfort zone and has a blog that makes me feel confident and good! Check it out!

Elizabeth! Blog: http://www.itsmisselizabeth.wordpress.com. A interesting and neat book blog! She has book reviews and more! Check it out!

Fai! Blog: http://www.searchingforfai.wordpress.com. A fair life blog. Soothing and peaceful. Check it out!

Cailey! Blog: http://www.caileycreative.wordpress.com. She loves beauty, baking and writing and more so she created her awesome blog caileycreative♡! Amazing!! Check it out!

Rozita! Blog: http://www.dressedbyrose.wordpress.com. Excellent inspiration and awesome outfit sets on her blog! Loves fashion, music, art & travel! Check it out!

Ciara! Blog: http://www.cee91blog.wordpress.com. A super good life adventure blog! Check it out!

Julia! Blog: http://www.jumpingjuliablog.wordpress.com. Nice and cool! Not much but really interesting!! Check it out!

BeMyStylist! Blog: http://www.canyoubemystylist.wordpress.com. Awesome! With tips, guides and many more inspirational things! Check it out!

Pavithrah! Blog: http://www.illumined13.wordpress.com. Wonderful topics in her writing and shares truly beautiful passion with you! Check it out!

Well that’s it for my 2016 Winter Blog Award! Spectacular blogs!!! Huge round of applause for them and their wonderful results in hard work! Again thank you all for reading my blog faithfully and sharing your thoughts on it to make it better! If you have a blog please comment below and you might find your blog listed on the next award! Special thanks to my awesome friend Alyssa who works super hard to edit the background of my photos! Also thank you to my followers, I can’t believe I have achieved my goal of getting more then 150 followers!! That day that I received the notification about getting 150 followers, I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my face! Thank you all!! Thanks for reading!

Ciao readers! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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