Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 6)

Liah and her friends were ready. More than ready. They had worked extremely hard on everything and they were super proud of it. Liah felt this was the best moment of her life… Liah felt her phone vibrate to indicate a new text message. She rummage through her new YvesSaintLaurent purse.

Chat: Group, Liah’s Buddies

Holly*-*: I cant believe it!!!!!!!


Charchar: ????? happened?


Em4ever: Is it Grace again?????


Holly*-*: Yes! U know how we signed up to fundraise first?


Fashionliah: Ya so?


Holly*-*: Grace told Ms. Fawn that we wanted to go last, and she could go first!!!


Shinelexie: What!!! That means we have more chance of getting less ppl!!


Holly*-*: I know its so unfair!!!


Fashionliah: Well I guess we’ll have 2 deal with it….


Chelse: 2 bad… We’ll win dont worry!


Vicky;): Ya where did the team spirit go???


Fashionliah: Nowhere right everyone??!!


MimiXD: YES!! We’ll win right??


Fashionliah: Have faith everyone! C u laytah!


Liah carefully put her phone back in her purse and went to Ms. Fawn’s class.

“Now class I would like everyone single person whether your fundraising or not to go to go to each fundraising project. Show support to your classmates okay?” asked Ms. Fawn. Everyone nodded, but secretly Liah was going to find a way to not go to CreativeFun Learning And Games saying that her group needed to plan and setup. But Grace couldn’t say no because she was going before Liah! Liah giggled quietly to herself and watched as Graces’ head snapped towards her. Grace sneered at her but Liah ignored it. After class, Liah went to find Ms.Fawn. “Ms. Fawn, can my group not go to Graces’ fundraising project because my group needs more time to setup?” asked Liah sweetly. “Hmm…” she paused, “Fine as long as you go to BakeShake,” replied Ms. Fawn. Liah nodded. Libby was a kind and cute and Liah liked Libby way more than Grace. “Thank you Ms.Fawn! Have a nice day!” beamed Liah. Ms. Fawn smiled, “You too sweetie!”

Chat: Group, Liah’s Buddies

Fashionliah: Score!!!


Holly*-*: Huh??


Starstace: What’s up?


Fashionliah: U know how Ms.Fawn wants us 2 go to everyone’s project?


Liverocks: Ya so annoying!!


Fashionliah: Well I managed to make Ms.Fawn agree 2 let us not 2 go 2 CreativeFun!!


Chelse: Way 2 go!


MimiXD: Nice!


Fashionliah: Thanks! Laytah everyone!


The parking lot….

Liah just stepped out of the school when she heard a infuriated voice followed by a loud stomp to the ground. There was Grace and her sidekicks sitting at there usual bench looking annoyed at frustrated. Liah decided to hide and eavesdrop. It wasn’t her type but oh well… Liah slowly ducked her head and crawled towards the tree behind their bench. “Ugh!!! I hate Liah!!!” yelled Grace. Her friends nodded in complete agreement. “She so arrogant thinking she’s the best and that she’s rich, cool, always the best but she’s NOT,” snarled Grace. “Right and we’ll prove it by winning this fundraising competition and show everyone who’s the best!” smirked Jasmine. “Ahh-greed!” chorused Bella, Alice and Chloe. “Wait we’re still meeting tonight to plan about sabotaging their fashion show, right?” piped up Alice. Liah pricked her ears, she wanted to know every detail about a sabotage! “Actually no. We’re doing it right now,” hissed Grace. “The faster the better. Here’s the thing. We’re going to listen to their stupid plans. Then after school before the day of the Fashion Show, we’ll do the opposite of everything they’ve done, destroy instead of decorate, pronto okay? This is top secret. I’ll figure out how to deal with Ms. Fawn and absolutely no talking about this except to me, okay? Also, no changing plans because the day is coming close,” checked Grace. Jasmine, Bella, Alice and Chloe nodded with seriousness. Grace sort of smiled. “Great. Now let’s go. I want to get some lattes before we head home.” Liah cramped lower to the ground as Grace and her friends slung their bags to their shoulders and walked in their usual form with Grace in the middle and left the school grounds.

As soon as Grace and her sidekicks were out of sight, Liah stood up and sat down on the bench searching furiously in her purse for her phone. She opened her phone and began texting madly in the group chat.

Chat: Group, Liah’s Buddies

Fashionliah: Emergency alert!!! I need everybody online ASAP!!


Holly*-*: ??? up?


Starstace: Whats wrong?


Fashionliah: I just eavesdropped(dont ask why) on Grace and her sidekicks and found super emergency news!!


Liverocks: What is it? Juicy gossip?


AllieA: Trouble?


Fashionliah: Major trouble. They r trying 2 sabotage our show!!!


Holly*-*: OMG. How???


Fashionliah: They said, the day before our show, after school they r going to destroy everything we’ve prepared!!!


Shayeday: O no!!!!! X(


Fashionliah: I suspect that they r going after everyone left… around 3:30 ish…


Jennifer.^^.: Lets wait outside and get proof at around 3:35??


Em4ever: How about this… If they do it at 3:30, we snap a pic and show 2 teacher at 3:35 then they r over..


Fashionliah: Perfect! Everyone this is the base plan. Ill c if I can get more info then we’ll see k?


Vicky;): K.


Fashionliah: Gr8. I cant wait 4 Grace’s look of surprise! Laytah everyone!

Liah tucked her phone back into her purse just as her mom stopped at the driveway to pick her up. “Hi sweetheart! How’s today?” asked Mrs. Alison. “Great Mom,” lied Liah. Today was nowhere near great! “How’s the Fashion Show going?” smiled Mrs. Alison “Not so well…” replied Liah miserably. “Really? You seemed so excited about it!” frowned Mrs. Alison. “I know… I’m just tired and anxious about it,” sighed Liah. Mrs. Alison had a look of sympathy on her face. “Trust me sweetie, once it’s over, you’ll feel like you want it to happen again…” murmured Mrs. Alison. Liah hung her head and leaned against the window, “I sure hope you’re right Mom…”

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 7!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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