Weekly Fashion Tip!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my 2 Weekly Fashion Tip! Hope you enjoyed my last little trick! Enjoy this tip! (Some of these tricks may be seen on other websites or books already because they are common little neat tricks!) This tip is more of my personal idea…

Color Matching{Clothes}

I’m always having trouble matching colors for cool stylish outfits. Here’s a neat tip that I learned through my experience!

  1. For a starter, try black and white.
  2. I started with black pants and white T-shirts
  3. Then try black bottom with a light colored top
  4. After that stage try dark bottom with light top of any color
  5. Then you can try dark with lighter shade of dark
  6. Then you can try lighter shade for both top and bottom
  7. After you got the basic idea, you can try any color of top with any color of bottom!

I’ve always found this guide useful. Even if I’m in a hurry, I can always grab a black bottom and white top or light top and dark bottom! Try it! Hope you have fun trying this tip out! Please try it and share your opinion on it!

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



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