Fashion Survey #2


Hey fellow readers! Last time I simply only chose casual outfits for shopping, today, I decided I should choose between outfits for back to school! Okay well school is starting soon so I’m probably going to wear it when I come back from a break or something… Well between 2 outfits, pick the best one by your opinion! May the best outfit win! The deadline of this survey is October 25!

Outfit #1                                                                                                  Outfit #2:

7ee3114b69acd3477fa6242ff15b14f7.jpg                                                                  img-thing


PROD_SPG1389LH3YC00_140_1.jpg                                                                      rag-bone-plush-legging-lwratra30004blk-1-395


1454435727414569591.jpg                                                                            9190e5b3b611b73fe001258192984127.jpg


cute-crossbody-bag.jpg                                                                              f2dd3d3c35d3773430959d26f4316de6


Cute no? I think for outfit #2 I’d wear a jacket or sweater because it’s freezing cold after the break! Well what do you think? Please comment  and like to share your opinion!

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


20 thoughts on “Fashion Survey #2

  1. I definitely think the top with the longer sleeves is the way to go. As you mentioned however you could still wear the short sleeves with a jacket or sweater. I also like the grey jeans, or are they leggings? Like ’em anyways. At 60+ I have to be careful about my shoes. Pain ain’t cute! I typically wear a lot of cute sneakers. I almost forget I have them on, I also prefer chunky rather than spiky heals. All of your picks are very nice, and I suspect they suit you to a tee.

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