2016 Fall Blog Award!

Hey fellow readers! Since my first blog award in the Summer, I’ve seen some other excellent highly recommend blogs! I have some former winners and some new ones! Again thank you all to the ones that visited my blog to be in these awards and the ones to see this post! The next Award will be during Winter!

Here are my 2016 Fall Winners!

Juliany!  Blog: http://www.cheapfashionfever.wordpress.com. A super cool Fashion blog like mine! Her blog is super sophisticated and stylish! Check it out!

Cailey! Blog: http://www.caileycreative.wordpress.com. She loves beauty, baking and writing and more so she created her awesome blog caileycreative♡! Check it out!

Alyssa! Blog: http://www.writingpassionweb.wordpress.com. She has just started her blog so only a couple posts but her description of each scene is magnificent! Check it out!

Elizabeth! Blog: http://www.itsmisselizabeth.wordpress.com. Also a funny and interesting book blog! With reviews and more! Check it out!

Carmyn! Blog: http://www.thewritingcrafter.wordpress.com. A neat book blog! Her blog is filled with reviews of books, tips for writers and so on! Check it out!

Pavithrah! Blog: http://www.illumined13.wordpress.com. She has a wonderful topics in her writing with she writes with passion. It’s truly wonderful! Check it out!

Fai! Blog: http://www.searchingforfai.wordpress.com. Her blog is all her and her passions. She shares wonderful writing and you will feel truly happy! Check it out!

Well that’s it for the 2016 Fall Blog Award! I have some new winners and some from the Summer Award! Even so huge round of applause! These blog are all so wonderful so be sure to check them out! If you have a blog too, comment below or in my About and you might also be a winner! Thanks for reading!

Ciao readers! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



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