Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 5)

“Jules!” Liah exclaimed, “That outfit cool and imaginative!” “Thanks!” replied Julia. But just as Julia finished her sentence, Grace rolled her eyes and made a loud comment, “OMG! What are you wearing Julia? Are you going to a circus to be a failure clown?” Jasmine, Bella, Alice and Chloe sneered, while Michelle and Victoria said nothing and sort of smiled. Julia looked flustered and embarrassed. Liah huffed indignantly. Luckily Mrs. Allen was walking down the hall and heard the mean comment. “Excuse me Grace? What did you say? And you four were you sneering?” she asked truly shocked. Michelle jumped in to say something, “Yes it’s true Mrs. Allen.” Julia flashed a grateful look at Michelle who mouthed back No problem!. Grace clenched her fists and glared at Michelle who was looking at the ground. Mrs. Allen frowned then said curtly, “Well you five can come with me and we have to make a small conversation…” Jasmine, Bella, Alice and Chloe bit their lips while Grace hissed something mean under her breath to Michelle. Mrs. Allen cocked her head to Grace and snapped, “Grace! This is unbelievable! I will have to tell your parents and Principal Austen!” Grace slumped her shoulders and followed Mrs. Allen into the room. Michelle, Victoria and Victoria’s friend Chelsea came over. Julia smiled. “Thanks for saying that!” Michelle smiled shyly. “Your welcome. It was a little mean what Grace said to you.” Michelle didn’t stop. ” You know after I left I felt really regretful, so then when I told Victoria and Chelsea about your group Liah, we all instantly wanted to join your group. I hope you would accept us all and we would be very pleased if we could help with your Fund-Raising Project.” Michelle took a deep breath and her eyes were filled with hope. Liah beamed. “Of course I would accept you all and we would be very pleased if you helped us wouldn’t we Julia?” Julia nodded vigorously. Liah couldn’t wait so tell her friends so she whipped out her phone.

Chat: Group, Liah’s buddies


Fashionliah: YAY!! Michelle came back and she brought 2 more friends!


Holly*-*: That’s GREAT!!


Shinelexie: Add them 2 the group.


Fashionliah: K.


MimiXD: Hi im back!


Vicky;): Hi everyone! I’m Victoria!


Chelse: Hi im Chelsea! Glad 2 meet u all!


Em4ever: YAY!! New helpers 4 the project! Glad ur back Michelle and nice to see u Chelsea and Victoria!

Zo:P: Guys im glad for this reunion but class starts in 5 mins!!!!


Fashionliah: C u later!

Liah carefully placed her phone back to her backpack and left for Ms. Fawns’ class.

“Class, so far for the fundraising project we have, FashionPassion Show directed by Liah, CreativeFun Learning and Games directed by Grace and BakeShake directed by Libby. Any other groups?” Ms. Fawn looked around the class. “Okay well why don’t Liah, Grace and Libby come up to tell us a little about their group fund-raising project? Who wants to go first?” Graces’ hand shot up while her sidekicks raised their heads as if they were saying ours is the best! Liah rolled her eyes, Grace could be so dramatic! ” Hello! So the group and I came up with the idea CreativeFun Learning and Games. There will be small games and some stands where you get to learn in a fun and creative way! Be sure to come and enjoy our festival spirit!” said Grace in a sickeningly sweet voice. Liah stared at her wide-eyed. Is this really the Grace who’s mean to everyone? “Liah your next!” called Ms. Fawn. Liah snapped back to the present and came to the front of the class. “Hi everyone! The FashionPassion and I are doing a mega fun Fashion Show! We will be designing dresses, find matching shoes, doing beautiful make-up and more! Also, before, after and during intermission we have a sewing competition with a booth on learning how to sew, designing competition, and we also have make-up booths, dresses for sale and more! After and during the intermission, refreshments will be served! Flyers will be passed out with more information! Please come and bring family and friends! Thank you!” Liah beamed. She was proud and happy and she couldn’t wait for the actual event! As she walked back to her desk, Grace clenched her fist tightly and scowl icily at her. Liah ignored her and clapped along as the class welcomed Libby to talk about BakeShake.

Liah, Holly and the group laughed and giggled as they talked about their upcoming event. “OMG! Did you see Liah wipe off the smug smile on Graces’ face when she was talking?” Holly giggled and sent the girls clutching their stomachs laughing.

Liah’s phone buzzed.

Liah: Group, Liah’s Buddies

Vicky;): Where are u guys? I saved everyone a seat at ur usually seat hurry plz!

Fashionliah: Srry b right there!

Vicky;): K.

Liah tucked her phone back in her bag and ushered her chuckling buddies to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria…

“Hey guys! What took you so long?” asked Victoria. “Oh we were laughing so hard about Grace and how Liah wiped off her smug face,” replied Zoey. Victoria grinned in amusement. “Well let’s dig in everyone!” cried Liah. Liah suddenly felt someone watching her so she turned around. There she saw Grace and her sidekicks watching her with narrowed eyes. Liah fake smiled sweetly and turned back to her friends. She finished her meal happily and almost forgot the rival competition with Grace…

All of Liah’s friends worked super hard. They even invited the TV to film them too! Everyone is so excited! But they’re also nervous because BakeShake and CreativeFun also seemed to be working hard too. Liah stopped. “Hey guys let’s check the to-do list!” she suggested. “Sure!” replied Holly. They all took out their phones. Liah started to read from her list while the rest listened carefully. “Shoes, check. Cat-Walk, check. Make-up supplies, check. Clothing, almost done. Booths, check. Game supplies, check. Flyers, check but need to hand out. Lights, sounds etc., check. Small categories stuff, check. Hair supplies, check. Is that all?” asked Liah. “No! You forgot the Styling supplies and workers!” replied Holly. “Oh right!” said Liah. “I know the Styling supplies are done. And I’ll figure out jobs for everyone tonight, okay?” Everyone nodded in agreement. I’ll have a long evening tonight! thought Liah and she went back to work.

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 6!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^





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