Fashion Survey

Hey fellow readers! This is my Fashion Survey! Here I will post 2 fab outfits, then you pick the best one (by your opinion!). Cause I need one for shopping on one day! LOL! Get your friends to take it and comment below for which you think is the best one! May the best outfit win! (P.S Some of the clothing are from friend but she’s lending it to me!) The deadline of this Survey is August 25!

Outfit #1:                                                                Outfit #2:

imgres (3).jpg                                            imgres.jpg

imgres (2).jpg                                             rag-bone-plush-legging-lwratra30004blk-1.395

imgres.jpg                                                       charles-by-charles-david-sasha-pointed-toe-pump-d-20160201104527263-466285_842

9205a.JPG                                                          imgres


img-thing.jpg                                                     furla_cherie_laguna_blue_envelope_cross-body_bag_2_.jpg

Both summery! What do you think? Please comment and like to tell me your opinion!

Peace and Fashion! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



28 thoughts on “Fashion Survey

  1. Hi Liah I love this post idea! I know today is the deadline but me and my friends still want to share our opinion! Thanks if you accept them! So I really like outfit#2 but honestly the match of outfit#1 is so cool that I think outfit#1 is better thanks!

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  2. Hi I love both but I think outfit#1 is cuter thanks! Btw can I say for my friend too? She said that she liked outfit but she can’t comment(not allowed) so yeah please count her vote!
    Thanks! (I love this idea!)

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  3. Hi! I like outfit #1 better! It’s more sophisticated and cool. But 2 of my friends said that outfit 2 is cute and more adorable. Another said outfit 1 too so yeah! Hope you include our votes!

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  4. Hi! I’m so sorry that I didn’t comment yesterday. I was really busy. I hope you can still count mine! I super like both but I still choose outfit#1. It’s neater and more chic. Thanks!
    – lili

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