Outfit Of The Week #2

Hey fellow readers! This is this weeks’ outfit! I’m so sorry I didn’t do one for last week and the weeks before but I was really busy. Anyways…

Theme: Dressy

a5fab01697613d2dd5d646d17cc1607c.jpgStrapless teal dress, flowing silk long skirt.

diamond-high-heels-royal-blue-womens-dress-shoes-white-red-bride-wedding-shoes-blue-silk-high.jpg 4 cm heel with white crystal jewel.

Smith-SL1511451-7610_A_FRONT-hero-large.jpgHot pink Smith side-body bag.

Swarovski-Fidelity-Blue-Bracelet-1106363-W360.jpg  Swarovski Fidelity Blue Bracelet.


TOTALLY for hot summer days when you want to dress fancy but comfortable! Try it out with similar clothes! Have fun!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^




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