2016 Summer Blog Award!

Hey fellow readers! This is my first blog award! I really like some awesome blogs, and voila! Thank you all the ones that visited my blog! The next award will be in the Fall!

Here are my 2016 Summer Winners!

Sparkyjen! Blog: http://www.sparkyjen.com. A cool blog with surprise and fun! Check it out!

SearchingForFai! Blog: http://www.searchingforfai.wordpress.com. A really nice writing blog! Check it out!

Julie! Blog: http://www.cheapfashionfever.wordpress.com. A really awesome Fashion blog like mine! Her is really sophisticated too! Check it out!

Ciara! Blog: http://www.cee91blog.wordpress.com. A really good life adventure blog!Check it out!

Camryn! Blog: http://www.thewritingcrafter.wordpress.com. A awesome book blog! Check it out!

Taylasjournal! Blog: http://www.taylasjournalwordpresscom.wordpress.com. She has a writing blog but she likes Fashion too! Check it out!

Misselizabeth! Blog: http://www.itsmisselizabeth.wordpress.com. Also a really nice book blog!

Well that’s it for my 2016 Summer Award! Big round of applause for them! Go go go! Theses are wonderful blog, check all out! If you have a blog, comment below or in my About and I’ll think about putting it in for next time! Thanks for reading!

Ciao readers! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^





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