Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 4)

“Lexie!” exclaimed Ms. Fawn “Are you paying attention or are you texting?”. Lexie grinned weakly “Sorry Ms. Fawn, I was texting my friend.” Ms. Fawn’s expression softened “That okay Miss but please pay attention or your phone will really go into the box of not class-time  objects.” Lexie gulped and nodded. Liah smiled sympathetically at Lexie. Lexie shrugged back.


“Class, have a good lunch! You are free for lunch period!” announced Ms. Fawn. A wave of kids rushed down the hallway. Except for the group of kids that are waiting for Liah. New girls started to join, like Sophie, Lexie, Charlotte, Stacey!…. The girls settled down in their usual table. Suddenly Shannon asked Liah again “Liah, what are we doing for the fundraising project?” Everyone snapped their heads towards Liah. “Well… this year instead of doing a Craft Workshop like last year, we could do a…. FASHION SHOW!” Everyone started talking at once. “Okay, so I was thinking of inviting both Elementary Schools and  High School, so that it makes more money. I asked Ms. Fawn to see if I could also invite like any random families that are interested, by putting posters and stuff.” declared Liah. “And in before or after the show, we could like have activities on Fashion like sewing activities, designing competition and things like that.” Liah looked around, everyone looked so pleased of her idea! She was certain that this project would turn out magnificently! Liah placed her hand in the middle of the group and asked to everyone “Is everyone in for this major and fun project?” Everyone placed their hand in and shouted “We are!” Liah glowed with pride, she knew that her friends would be supportive of her idea. “So Liah, can you sew the dresses and we can buy the accessories and shoes?” asked Zooy. Liah blinked a couple times, her friends’ eyes were bright with hope. “Of course! If you guys want, you could help me design it…” Liah replied “No that’s okay, right everyone? Liah can design them herself.” Zoey smiled. Just then, Grace, Jasmine, Bella and… “Michelle?” Liah and her friends widened their eyes. “What are you doing with them?” Liah snapped her gaze at Grace and her friends. “Did you steal her?” “What us? No of course not. Michelle came to us on her own…” Grace smirked. “Apparently you aren’t treating her very well and so she left your group.” Liah gaped at Michelle and Grace. “That’s not true you know. I had a good plan and friendship with all the members of the group. And everyone is always included.” Emily stood up. “Em are you leaving too?” asked Liah. “No of course not. I just wanted Grace and Michelle to know something.” Emily faced Grace. ” Everyone in our group is nice and always included by Liah. If you think some people aren’t, …. well Michelle is wrong and so are you. So now, please leave and stop bothering us.” Liah glanced at Emily and gave her a nod of acknowledgement. Grace rolled her eyes and sneered, “Let’s go to find Chloe and Alice girls. Theses loser won’t do any good.” Jasmine and Bella nodded and glared at Liah and her friends while Michelle flipped her hair and followed Grace. Liah looked at her group. Holly was steaming red. Emily, Shannon and a lot others were looking down and said nothing. Finally, the lunch bell rang and everyone went back to class.

…. 3:50

“Class, we have 10 more minutes. I would like if everyone went outside to get some fresh air. I will call you back at 3:59 sharp so hurry up.” said Ms. Fawn. Everyone rushed outside. Emily went to find Liah. “May I stay in?” “Liah looked surprised but nodded. Emily made her way back to class and went to find Michelle. “Hey Michelle.” Emily murmured. Michelle looked up. “Hey Em.” “Why did you join them?” Emily continued “do you like them?” Michelle grimaced. “I liked them when I haven’t join them yet… Then one day I don’t know what happened to me and I was like in their group.” Emily nodded sadly. “I don’t know which group I should be in. I mean Liah has great ideas, she’s popular and nice. While Grace, well she is nice in a way but could be annoying at times too. I’m so confused!” Michelle burst into tears. “Oh Em I want to be with you but Grace won’t let me leave or let you join and I don’t know if Liah would accept me if I rejoined.” Emily smiled sympathetically at Michelle. “Stay. Soon I will get you out and you can rejoin our group again.” Michelle nodded and Emily left.

Everyone went home. Liah felt her phone buzz.

Chat: Liah and Emily

Em4ever: Hi!


Fashionliah: Hey!


Em4ever: I know y Mimi joined.


Fashionliah: REALLY?


Em4ever: Yup. She said no idea y then suddenly she joined.


Fashionliah: ???


Em4ever: She wants 2 come back.


Fashionliah: Sure! Shes always welcome.


Em4ever: I told her the same. She said she will when Grace is closer to Mimi.


Fahsionliah: O.o ok???


Em4ever: I gtg. Bye!


Fashionliah: Same. Bye! C u soon!

Liah put her phone back to her purse and she continued her dress. Liah worked all afternoon. Soon she fell asleep. She dreamed about her new project and the huge success of it!

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for chapter 5!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



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