Fashion Journal{Festival Outfit}

Hey fellow readers! YAY! I’m going to a festival with my friend tomorrow! I need clothing to wear!!! I want to look fashionable but also adorable…. and I need to move properly in it(so no dress!) It’s so hard to decide!!!!!! Do you guys think……

A cute pink top with a small sash/bow with a cute leather jacket is good? Or the pink top plus a few laces( That I can sew on….) like designs, with no jacket are better?

On the bottom?

imgres (2)soft legging jeans….pale blue

Or plain black capris? Little more of the knee…..


imgres soft 2 cent. heel

c45453c41293977fbdce6575ba5d6c21_best.jpg small heel with laces

Ugh so hard to decide! Please comment to tell me, before I leave in like 4 days! Thanks if you do!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


5 thoughts on “Fashion Journal{Festival Outfit}

  1. I think that the pink top with jacket is cute with the blue leggings/jeans and the 2 cent. heel is the most adorable outfit! Try it!


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