Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 3)

“Honey! Wake up!” tapped Mrs. Alison gently on Liah’s back. Liah groaned. “What time is it?” yawned Liah. “Honey you overslept! It’s 6:05!” answered Mrs. Alison. “WHAT!” Liah sat up. Liah jumped out of bed, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, washed her face and at 6:09, she was standing in front of her over-size walking closet, deciding on what to wear…

Chat: Holly and Liah


Holly*-*: Hey! What r u wearing 2day?


Fashionliah: Idk im deciding…..


Holly*-*: LOL! Did u finish sewing ur dress? Or working on it?


Fashionliah: Working on it….


Holly*-*: Gtg eat breakfast bai!


Fashionliah: KK. Me 2. Bye! See u at school.



“Hey honey. Fruit on table, bread on the counter and pour some milk for yourself… Help yourself I’m busy right now okay?” said Mrs. Alison quickly. Liah nodded. She ate quickly and by 6:25, she was ready to work on her new dress. She went back upstairs when Mrs. Alison called from downstairs, “Liah we’re leaving at 6:45 sharp okay?” “Okay.” replied Liah.

At 6:52, Liah arrived at school! She greeted her fans, and went to find Holly. “Liah I’m here!” cried Holly. Liah waved and beamed. Holly always know when she was looking for her!


“Okay class, homework is the project due on Friday, nothing other then that. Questions?” Liah loved her homeroom teacher Ms. Fawn. Ms. Fawn is nice, pretty and though she is firm at times, she’s always fair and gentle. Liah as always stayed after school to get her extra lesson as she is the best student…


“Liah!” cried Jennifer. “Hey Jen! How are you doing?” replied Liah  affectionately. “Good. Where’s Holls?” asked Jennifer surprised. “I don’t know I was going to find her.” Liah answered. Bzz… “Hold on Jen I’ve got a text.” Liah said.

Chat: Holly and Liah


Holly*-*: Hey Liah! U might be wondering where i am. Right?


Fashionliah: Ya. Totally!


Holly*-*: Im by the park in the nature area.


Fashionliah: Which?


Holly*-*: New area. Im helping….


Fashionliah: K. Me & Jen will meet u there.


Holly*-*: K. 🙂


“Well?” asked Jennifer, “Where is she?”. “She’s by the new nature park helping out or something.” The two girls walked down the walkway towards the school nature area. “Holly!” exclaimed Jennifer. “Hi Jen. Hey Liah.” replied a cheerful Holly. “Holls, did something good happen?” asked Liah cautiously. Holly’s eyes widen with excitement. “YA! Totally! I got into the Nature Volunteer Committee!” cried Holly! Liah hugged her friend. “That’s great! I knew somebody would accept you!” replied Liah as excited as her friend. Jennifer just stood there with a wide smile. She was also proud of her friend!

Dring… “Oh hey mom. Uh-huh… what! Oh okay I’ll ask Holly or someone. Okay take care… bye!” Liah hung up and turned around to Holly and Jennifer. “My mom has an extra work today so she can’t pick me up. She asked if Holly can pick me up and hang out with you until she’s done.” “Oh okay sure I’ll text my mom. She’s coming in like 10 minutes.” replied Holly brightly. Suddenly Jennifer looked at her watch and said “Hey guys it’s 4:30, I gotta run. Bye!” “Okay we’ll text in the group.” yelled Liah to a running Jennifer. Jennifer nodded and ran off.

4:40…. Holly’s bedroom

“So… Anyone you like?” asked Holly slyly. “Holly! You know I don’t like any boys.” replied Liah in an fake annoyed voice. She giggled. Holly was the kind that loved romance. But sometimes she was serious…. “Come on…” pushed Holly. “Anyone?” “Nope so don’t bother me.” replied Liah laughing. “How ’bout you?” replied Liah evilly. Holly narrowed her eyes and said “I’m not telling you!” The 2 girls laughed and chatted. Suddenly Liah and Holly’s phone buzzed at the exact same moment! “LOL! Probably the group!” giggled Liah. They both reached for their phones.

Chat: Group, Liah’s buddies

Sophsis: Hey! Anyone here??


AllieA: ME!!


Charchar: ME 2!


Julie:): Here! Liah u there?


Fashionliah: Im here! With Holls….!


Holly*-*: Yup!


Liverocks: Did u guys hear bout the fundraising project?


Shayeday: Ya totally! Im waiting for Liah to organize….LOL!


Fashionliah: Guys lets talk 2morrow. Me & Holls r busy K?


Jennifer.^^.: Ok bye!


Starstace: C u 2morrow!

Just as Liah tucked her phone away, the doorbell rang. “Oh… I gotta go.” said Liah. Holly smiled “That’s okay. See you tomorrow. Have fun!” “Okay bye!” promised Liah. Mrs. Alison drove home quietly and nobody said a word until the “Goodnight”……

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 4!

Ciao! ~Fashionlaih ^ _ ^




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