Outfit Of The Week

Hey fellow readers! Every week I have a Outfit Of The Week! Well here’s this weeks’ outfit:

Theme: Casual and Adorable
imgres.jpg Cute top, soft and comfortable!

black-capri-leggings.jpgSleek and slim capris.

imagesAdorable flat with a 0.5 heel!

cute-crossbody-bag.jpg Dainty, smooth and cute crossbody purse!

imgres.jpgCute colored heart sunglasses!

Totally Sunday! Nice, casual and cute little outfit! Totally for Sunday special! Try it out with similar clothes! Have fun!

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


16 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Week

  1. Cute weekend outfit. I love the top with the capris. I need to get me some of these, as I prefer them over shorts. It amazes me how many styles of sunglasses you can buy now. You can have a whole wardrobe of sunglasses.


  2. This outfits not only looks cute but comfortable too for some reason! ❤ Hello! I've been scrolling through your blogs because of Community Pool and I admire how much you love fashion. I'm not really good at styling myself though, so if you have time to visit my blog, I don't think you'll be seeing fashion that much, haha. I really enjoyed your posts!



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