Fashion Journal{Dress Designing}

Hey fellow readers,

Yesterday, I went to one of my friend Angels’ house! Really, I went there because, I have a dress that I bought that’s plain… And I wanted to design it… So I went there to ask Angel’s mom for help! In the end, it looked really good! The dress is like sparkly with jewels…

Anyways, I was so proud and I can’t wait to wear it in public!!!!! I’m going to wear it on Friday… So wish me luck that everyone will like it!! Lol.. I know that this journal is really short, but anyways just a small journal entry to share…

Later! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^



4 thoughts on “Fashion Journal{Dress Designing}

  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog. I’m happy to hear that your dress came out looking great, and it sparkles! Hope you’ll post a picture of the dress, if you had a before and after thing going on that would be great! You could totally share your whole experience with us.
    Thank you for sharing about your day 🙂


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