Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 2)

An hour had passed since Holly called Liah. Liah worked hard and she had to say it was worth it! Though of course there would be some positive things if she went shopping…

Half an hour later…

Chat: Holly and Liah


Holly*-*: LOL! We had so much fun!


FashionLiah: Nice! I’ll send u a pic of my new design!


Holly*-*: Ok. Hey new store at the mall! Lets check it out 2morrow?




Holly*-*: Adorable! R u going to make  it? Or is it just a sketch?


FashionLiah: Im going 2 make it. Its good right?


Holly*-*: Beautiful. Lets go to the new store FashionXOXO 2morrow ok?


FashionLiah: Sure. bye!


Liah felt awesome! She was sure that tomorrow was going to be a great day! Something tells her that the shopping trip was going to be exciting!


Ding! Dong! “Hey Liah! Are you ready?” smiled Holly. “Sure!” beamed Liah. The 2 girls set off. They chatted on the car until they arrived. “Have fun girls! I’ll pick you up at 2:15,” noted Mrs. Fern. ‘Okay,” replied the girls. Holly and Liah wandered through the mall, they laughed, bought things and had so much fun! Soon it was 1:50. “Oh dear! We have to leave soon!” exclaimed Liah! “LOL! Today was awesome!” replied Holly. They went back to the parking lot and waited for Holly’s mother. Mrs. Fern drove Liah back to Liah’s house. “Thanks Mrs. Fern! Bye Holls I’ll text you later!” thanked Liah. Mrs. Fern drove away and Liah went inside.

“Hey Mom! I’m home,” cheered Liah. Mrs. Alison turned around. “Oh hi sweetie. I’m busy right now so go study for half an hour then you can go do your fashion stuff, alright?” “Okay,” replied Liah. Liah went upstairs and closed the door. She studied for school, then did some of her practice homework. She took a relaxing bath then start working on her new design. Suddenly her phone buzzed.

Chat: Group, Liah’s Buddies

Julia:): Hey Liah! Heard u r making a new dress that adorable!


FashionLiah: Srsly Jules! Did Holls tell u?


Holly*-*: Ya duh! I told everyone!


Jennifer.^^.: It was rlly adorable anyways!


Shayeday: Hey guys im back!


Liverocks: Hey Shaye! How was ur trip?


AllieA: OMG! I just luv the dress!


Shayeday: My trip was like ok… Though it was super hot!


Starstace: Where is everyone? Vacation?


Jennifer.^^.: Ya? I mean like we have like way more ppls…


Julia:): I gtg…


Holly*-*: KK. Me 2. Bai!


FashionLiah: Bye! See u 2morrow! XOXOLiah!


Liah grinned! She had many followers like a huge group at school… If only her designs were famous… She brushed her thoughts over and continued her fab day…

*To Be Continued*


Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 3!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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