Liah Alison Collection Book 1 (Chapter 1)

Hmm….. wondered a 14 year old Liah. She was wondering what she should make for her next design. Suddenly her face lit up. Quickly she scribbled something on her paper. “Um…”, frowned Liah, she knew something was missing. Liah looked at her giant wall of inspirations. Magazines, her old designs, things that she drew when she saw them in the past… “Aha!” Liah snapped her fingers. She added a sash. ”Perfect,” she grinned. But her smile faded into dust when she knew that even though she put all her effort in all her designs, no one would ever wear them or even know that they existed. “Ah…” she sighed. She just wished would come true.

Liah’s all-time dream was to become a famous fashion designer, where everyone wore her designs. But she could only wish…

Bzz… Bzz… Liah picked up her phone. “Holly!”exclaimed Liah. “Hey Liah! Me and the others are going to the Brandville Mall. Wanna come?” asked Holly hopefully. Liah hesitated before answering, she really want to go but she had to finish her latest design. “Sorry Holls, I really want to go but I’ve got loads to do,” replied Liah. Silence greeted her reply. Now Liah felt really bad. She knew she hasn’t spent a lot of time this week with Holly and they used to have tons of time together but since 6 grade, it felt as if it became less and less. Holly sighed sadly. “Look what if we go again together alone tomorrow 10:30 sharp? Till… say 2:00?” ask Liah praying that it would make it up to her best friend. Luckily Holly agreed. “Fine, see you tomorrow,” accept Holly brightly. Liah beamed relieved. “Great! Text me later okay?” “Okay bye!” Holly grinned. Liah hung up. She sighed, as she is getting older, things were getting harder especially with friends.

*To Be Continued*

Hey fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading! Wait for Chapter 2!

Ciao! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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