First Blog Post

Hey fellow readers! This is my very first post on my new blog! As I mentioned in my about, I would be writing a fiction series that I made called The Liah Alison Collection. Well, here is the prequel of The Series. Enjoy!

It was a bright evening… Mrs.  Callissa Alison was waiting for her husband. She checked her watch for the third time. “Strange…” Mrs. Alison muttered to herself “He should be back by now,”. She was waiting for her husband to eat dinner. Suddenly her phone rang… “Hello?” she asked. “Hello, is this Mrs. Alison?” asked a kind voice. “Yes. Yes it is,” Mrs. Alison answered. “I’m so sorry, but your husband died in a car accident…” replied the woman. Mrs. Alison gasped. She froze to the tip of her bones. The woman continued on how the crasher would pay her back for the car and for the death, but Mrs. Alison wasn’t listening. When the woman hung up, Mrs. Alison cried for hours, she looked at a picture of them together and said, “Oh how could you leave me? You promised we’d be together forever!” And she cried until she slept. Mrs. Alison was a doctor, so she could continue her life, but her deep grief and sorrow was what she was upset about. She was now lonely…

One day when she went to see her family doctor, her doctor announced that she was having a baby! Mrs. Alison went home with a smile on her face. She looked at the picture of her husband with her and said softly, “Dear, we are going to have a baby. Even though you are gone, I will always remind her of her dear dad.”

Months passed since Mrs. Alison knew she was having a baby. Mrs. Alison already knew what her baby girl will be called. Liah. Liah’s sacred name would be Merliah, which meant Mermaid of Songs. No one would ever know this secret name for it is really a secret… A week had passed since the birth of the newborn baby Liah Alison, Liah was very picky already, about her clothing. She had a true talent of fashion, which Mrs. Alison was very proud of. She knew that fashion would be a big part of  Liah’s life.

Hey fellow readers! Thanks for reading and hope you liked it! Wait for Book 1 Chapter 1!

Ciao readers! ~Fashionliah ^ _ ^


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