Weekly Fashion Tip!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my fifth Weekly Fashion Tip! Has anyone ever told you that your colors don’t match? Any problems pairing weird bright colors? Today, I’m going to share some of handy matching tips that even many professional stylists are using!

Red: Red is an classic more mature color that many women adore. It’s great for business, parties, meetings and more! Red is bolder than some other colors and gives off a stronger vibe that other.

Red   x   white, black, rice white, grey, blue-gray

Pink: Pink is essentially a cuter color that gives off youth and sweeter vibes. It’s a good color for cute skirts, dresses, bows, accessories etc.

Pink   x   red-purple, grey, dark green, white, purple, brown-grey, grey

Dark Green: This color is a very suitable for some people, but not everyone. I don’t exactly suggest this for people with a warm undertone, because it makes your look a little yellow. It is however a beautiful winter color!

Dark Green   x   blue-green, light purple, pink, dark purple, dark yellow

Blue: Blue is one of my all time favorites. It matches with a stronger vibe, cute appearance, it looks good on feminine clothes or not… The shades that accompany it has a variety of pairing that goes with it!

Blue   x   white, silver, gold, orange, pink-blue, dry green

Light Blue   x   white, light grey, light purple, grey-blue, pink, brown-red

Purple: The wrong purple with the wrong colors will make you hate purple, but you will love it once you have it right! Sometimes black on black is just too dark cold, a little purple is just the right thing! Red purple is also great, especially with skirts!

Purple   x   silver-grey, white, black, light pink, grey-blue, purple-red

Red Purple    x   blue, white, black, purple, pink, dark green

Yellow: Yellow gives off freshness and an innocent vibe for some people. However yellow comes in a variety of shades as well! It goes with black in the winter because it stands out a lot!

Yellow   x   purple, blue, white, black, brown

Orange: Most people tend to avoid orange in the closet as it isn’t easy to play with. I like pastel yellow or orange in the summer, but most of the time, I can’t find good orange in the winter. However I do adore accessories in orange! A tad of color in the your outfit!

Orange   x   white, black, blue

That’s about it for color matching. Anything else? Please let me know and I’ll update this post right away. Thanks! Thanks for reading! Please share your opinions on it!

Ciao! ~ yxcnx

Weekly Fashion Tip!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my fourth Weekly Fashion Tip! So, a lot of people have been complimenting my skin, asking about my skincare routine, etc. Therefore I decided to share my experience with skincare products and my current routine.

Firstly, you guys should know that my skin the type that is very dry and sensitive. Alongside that, I sleep in the warmest and driest room in my house (I don’t know why my room is the warmest when the heater temperature is the same for the entire house?) So previously, every morning I wake up, my face would be so dry to the point cracked skin is so visible and that my whole face is in pain!

I asked my mother and she got me using some moisturizing cream. It helped, but my face was still very dry. I started researching about skincare products, and essential products to benefit my skin.

I tried numerous toners, ampoules, serum, cream etc. products before settling with my current routine that I personally think works the best! Let’s go through my nighttime routine!

  1. Cleansing

When I say cleansing, I mean mostly removing makeup with an oil cleanser. Yes oil cleanser. Some of you may be asking why oil? Doesn’t that clog my pores even more? Oil cleanser is actually the product that removes SPF and sebum (oil-based impurities that harm your skin.) I recommend the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbet Oil Balm Cleanser. I personally don’t recommend makeup wipes and I don’t use them either, because to me, honestly, I feel like that doesn’t cleanse properly the chemical products off. On top of that, I feel that it isn’t natural enough while damaging my skin altogether.

2. Washing

Now, after you melt your makeup with an oil cleanser, time to wash off that cleanser with a foaming cleanser. I’m using the Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser, and I totally love it! I think, that the ph level isn’t too high, and my skin feels well cleansed, but not too tight after using it. I am using a silicone cleansing device, but only twice a week or when I really have the urge to use it. Remember that you should be washing your face even after using any sort of makeup wipes that are labeled as “no-cleansing needed” or anything like that!

3. Toner

Next after the cleansing part, is the caring part! I absolutely need to remind you to apply skincare products immediately after drying your face. I mean immediately! Some people apply serum mists right after drying their face utilize the five seconds after your skin is cleansed. Those five seconds is actually the time for you to have your skincare in your hands ready. However, I stick with regular skin/toner. I’m using the Sooyun Skin from Sooryehan. It’s a watery texture, unlike my previous toner, the Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softner, which has a liquid with more consistency. Both are fine, really, but it’s mostly just personal preference.

4. Essence

I’m actually using an essence in lotion, which is a lotion type essence which is more viscous. The essence tones down my skin a lot and I use it day and night! Essence usually tones the skin to a more even and balanced degree. Personally, I’ve been using the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Essence in Lotion for a while now, and I absolutely find it amazing! Even my friends that borrowed it find it a must-get! I’ve already drained nearly 2 bottles and planning on getting 2 more!!

5. Emulsion

I actually got the Sooyun set from Sooryehan so I’m also using the Sooyun Emulsion along with the toner. Those two products are really beneficial to my skin for hydration! I only apply emulsion at night, although you can during the day, however, I just choose not to as I just don’t see the necessity. Also, I must mention, if you have oily skin, I don’t recommend this as you might feel that this is too greasy, but I highly suggest for dry skin friends!

6. Serum/Ampoule

Serum and Ampoule are essentially similar products that people tend to use one instead of the other. Currently, I’m using the Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree, and honestly, I love the Green Tea Seed line so much! The scent is so natural and the texture is amazing! This line is a must get! Meanwhile, I’ve also used the Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum, however, I personally didn’t find this product very pleasant.

7. Moisturizing cream

The moisturizer is actually the product that kind of wraps everything together, all the richness, vitamins, etc. to seal and let everything underneath absorb. I love love love the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex. It saved my life when I first started skincare and I am absolutely loyal to it. I know that there is a newer “improved” gel, but I’m sticking to this cream!

For the daytime, I leave out the serum and emulsion, while adding a sunscreen into the list! Also, I must mention other products which may not be an everyday thing but still mustn’t forget about.

  1. Sheet mask – not every day! Also, don’t use the summer mask during the winter!
  2. Eye cream – not necessary for younger people! Recommend for after 20.
  3. Sleeping mask – not necessary for younger people! Recommend for after 20-25.
  4. Acne treatment – not every day! Dries out your skin! Recommend for a short term use of a week or so!

It’s actually not a coincidence that most of my skincare is Korean brands. Korea is actually very well known for their skincare/beauty care, and are very advanced in this area. Thus, I found that the effects were very obvious once I first tried some Korean products, so I just simply never switched.

Here is my routine that I do every night. Anything else? Please let me know and I’ll update this post right away. Thanks! Thanks for reading! Please share your opinions on it!

Ciao! ~ yxcnx


Hey guys! I’m really sorry, I haven’t been around for a long while now! I’ve been really really busy and I kind of forgot about this. I recently checked this out again and decided to activate it again. However, I decided to perhaps pause my attention on this blog and focus more on my new blog: http://www.yxcnx.wordpress.com

I really want to reorganize this blog and change the way I operate it. Perhaps, I will try new things in the future and get rid of my old posts.

Anyways, hope to update soon!

Ciao! ~yxcnx

Outfit Of The Week #7

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to this week’s Outfit of the Week! Again I’m so busy with other stuff I forgot to do past months’ outfits! In fact I really apologize that I haven’t been posting for so long! So stressful! Sorry! Hoping to be more on track now though! Anyways….

Theme: Casual and Classy

WT3367-LIGHTOLIVE-1_1024x1024.jpgPale green silk fabric double strapped top

download.jpgRipped skinny black jeans

22322b9f814f4ba84c613039558156f2.jpg Baby blue soft furred flats

2699e5ba-b877-4123-b702-1bc36cb7f117_1.0c3b2268429b01c8fa5ae68befc68deb.jpg Beige and black Kate Spade shoulder purse

I sincerely apologized that my blog has been unused for many months but I hope that you will continue to support my love for fashion and style and my dreams! Please follow me on my Instagram @fashionliah!

~ yxcnx

Outfit Of The Week #6

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to this weeks’ Outfit of the Week! Again I’m so busy with other stuff I forgot to do past months’ outfits! In fact I really apologize that I haven’t been posting for so long! So stressful! Sorry! Hoping to be more on track now though! Anyways….

Theme: Comfy and Casual

31PyGIitPeL._SS500_Silky double layered midnight purple top.


659661_mainSoft Ralph Lauren jet black jeggings.


Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-Leather-High-Top-Sneakers-1 White ankle high lace up converse.


img-thing Pink and blue tie-dye cross-body purse.


Great for a casual day of any sort! Super comfy! Try it out with similar clothes! Have fun!

Later! ~ yxcnx



Fashion Quote Of The Week #5

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my fourth fashion quote of the week! These quotes inspire me, and teach me about style, chic and unique fashion. I would love for you all to learn the ones I learn from and think about fashion and style differently. Enjoy!

Quote of the week: Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely. -Adama Amanda Ndiaye




You decide your life, and you decide your style and fashion so don’t be afraid to express what you like freely…

Ciao! ~ yxcnx

Fashion Journal {Journal Of The Week}

Hey fellow readers! Welcome again to another journal of the week! This journal is basically where I share my week, and my life… Well I’m honestly very sorry I haven’t done this in a while and I hope I can go back to my regular pattern!

Date: March 8, 2017

My Quote Of The Day: Try new things, you never know if that will be your new favorite thing.

Inspirational Quote Of The Week: Live life with no worries and you’ll get the best life of all.

What I Did That Was Fun Today: Mad Blog, read and…. sketch new dresses.

Best Blog Of The Week: http://www.itsmisselizabeth.wordpress.com. A inspirational book blog with honest and great reviews.

Music Of The Week: Spring Day by BTS.

Color Of The Week: Tie-dye pale green and pink, it’s almost spring!

Book Of The Week: The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

Area Mood: Chit-chat with excited feelings hanging in the air.

My Mood: Excited for spring.


  1. It’s almost spring!!!
  2. I passed my fashion test!
  3. I’m so thrilled for relaxation to start!


Shirt Of The Week:


Thanks for reading please share your thoughts!

Later! ~ yxcnx

Weekly Fashion Tip!

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my 3 Weekly Fashion Tip! I hope you enjoyed my last little trick! Enjoy these tips! (Some of these tricks may be seen on other websites or books already because they are common little neat tricks!) Again this tip is more of my personal idea…

So, as you might notice, most people tend to care a lot about their bodies. When you tell others, “Oh I need to go on a diet!” the outcome is usually the opposite of what you said. Will you actually do it? Will you succeed? Most likely not for most people. Through a lot of guidance and experience, I finally found some tips to keep your body and health in good condition!

First of all, meals.

1. Cut back on the grease and oil!

I found that if you get used to a kind of simple yet delectable and healthy breakfast, it makes a real difference. Example: (Breakfast) A plate of assorted fruit. Smoothie made with vegetables or fruits. A nice small egg with a little healthy piece of bread with homemade avocado sauce smeared on it. (Some coffee or tea)

2. Limit yourself from satisfying your desire!

If someone offers you a cookie or sweets, don’t be afraid to say no! Remind yourself of your goals and your hard work! Maybe a small piece wouldn’t hurt but only on a special occasion. Also, say bye to midnight snacks!

3. Standing instead of sitting.

When you stand, you whole bodyweight lifts and stops everything from sinking down too much. Examples of when you could stand instead of sit: Eating, while on the computer, doing quiet activities such as going on your phone, reading, studying, etc.

Secondly, fitness.

1. Daily exercise.

Doing daily exercise instead of one long one once a month is a much better choice. A small jog around the neighborhood is a nice start. After that, you could start searching online for videos to follow or going to the gym twice a week.

2. Yoga.

Stretching with yoga is soothing and it helps your blood run through your body easier. It stretches out your tight muscles and tones your overall body.

3. Start from little and add to that only a daily/weekly basis.

Start with a shorter amount of time or easier exercise movements. When you get better and more familiar with them, challenge yourself, and try harder to exercise for a longer period of time.

4. Buddies!

Try exercising with a buddy or a group of friends. Your body becomes more relaxed and you’d have more fun instead of despising it. You will get distracted from the pain of exercise as well!

Third, Body Image.

Taking care of your body is very important. Your skin, face, body, etc.

1. Body.

Confidence comes from the way you use your body. Every movement from your head to your toes must be properly managed. Sometimes we need to act when we’re in public, but you can adjust your actions to suit your body type. Understand your weaknesses(short legs, chubby stomach…) to concentrate on covering or improving that area.

2. Skin.

Skincare is no doubt very important! A big factor of first impressions come from your facial/skin appearance. Unhealthy foods will turn your skin tone down to darker and unhealthier colors. Too much beauty products aren’t the best either, try something light and try avoiding makeup every single day. I personally like to put some light lotion on my body and legs during the day, and heavy lotion to moisturize my skin at night. I have been following the 10-step Korean Skin Care for a while, changing some factors to balance and customize it to my skin type, no doubt it is very beneficial as the changes are incredible!  

3. Face.

Washing your face before bed is like brushing your teeth day and night. When outside, your face becomes infested with germs, dirt, dust, and makeup residue. So, make sure you use a low ph-level cleanser to wash and cleanse thoroughly before bed. I have been following the 10-step Korean Skin Care for a while, changing some factors to balance and customize it to my skin type, no doubt it is very beneficial as the changes are incredible!  

Here are some basic tips I’d give. Anything else? Please let me know and I’ll update this post right away. Thanks! Thanks for reading! Please share your opinions on it!

Ciao! ~ yxcnx

My Day Bag

Hey fellow readers! Have you ever wondered what exactly to put in your bag and keep at all times except for your essentials like your phone, wallet… Well I put together a list of things to put in your bag on a day to work from the morning to end! Enjoy!

  1. Wallet, Phone, Keys. ( Very essential!)
  2. Headphones. ( Useful for bus journeys…)
  3. Portable charger. ( Don’t want to have a dead phone with you!)
  4. Mini hair brush and mirror. ( Need to check your hair before you enter!)
  5. Kindle. ( Books are too heavy!)
  6. Notebook and pen. (For jotting down mental notes and sudden ideas.)
  7. Breath mints. ( Chewing gum is not formal! At home, then fine but outdoor… No!)
  8. Hand Sanitizer. ( Very essential in public!)
  9. Lip gloss, mascara, concealer and eyeliner. ( A simple small makeup touch up kit to bring along!)
  10. Blister plasters. ( Need them for long distances trips especially if your wearing new shoes!)


These are some things I like to keep in my bag. Everything neat and tidy and small and light too! What would you have in your bag? Share your opinions! Thanks for reading! Please share your opinions on it!

Ciao! ~ yxcnx

Outfit Of The Week #5

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to this weeks’ Outfit of the Week! Again I’m so busy with other stuff I forgot to do past weeks’ outfits! So stressful! Sorry! Anyways….

Theme: Classy and Casual

img-thing Loose black wavy shirt.


imgres (2) Soft blue jeggings. Stretchy and comfy.


1454435727414569591 Ankle strapped soft black flats with gold platform.



Smith-SL1511451-7610_A_FRONT-hero-largeHot red pink Smith Side Body Bag.



julia-joy-jewellery-s925-sterling-sliver-3-cute-butterfly-charms-bracelet-with-purple-swarovski-elements-crystal-for-women-and-girls-as-a-special-gift-j050_3431922  Swarovski purple crystal butterfly sterling silver charm bracelet.


Good for a cozy indoor shopping Sunday! Very chic and casual! Try it out with similar clothes! Have fun!

Ciao! ~ yxcnx